Patchings Online Oil Painting Art School – 2024

For those with some experience in the medium. We introduce details of the popular courses in oil and watercolour, with Liz, Gary and Chas. The year is divided into three terms providing a class each month of the year. These are accessed at your convenience via this website. There is individual help and guidance through E-mail support.  The package includes a simple process to download your work for viewing by your tutor and to be included in the online gallery each month. This includes a video review of work from each session.

Our focus through the year for both the oil and watercolour groups is to consider the work of three well known artists – one for each term. Alongside their art we recognise the group or movement with whom they have links or an association. Together they provide a fascinating subject for our studies as we look at their fine art and the influence they can bring on our work as they have for many through the ages.

Paintings from both the  Online and @Patchings groups will be published on the course website as a Gallery after each class, along with a video review of the feedback from your course tutor – an important part of the course as we learn from each other.


Enrolment and Course Details.

The cost as described is £80 per term.

This will include additional opportunities such as invitations for to private openings to our key exhibitions next year.
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Spring Term – ONLINE
January to April 2024

Spring Term – Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Boys

There are not many art movements and artists synonymous with places or schools of art. Glasgow is one certain to be known when from around the 1870’s until the 1910’s, The Glasgow School had links with three major and influential groups – The Four, The Glasgow Girls and The Glasgow Boys. Each group where profound forerunners in different ways. The Four made a significant impact on Art Nouveau championed by Mackintosh. The group of female designers, known as The Glasgow Girls, flourished in the city as women were actively pursuing art careers. The significance of the Glasgow Boys in expanding impressionism and post impressionism around the late 19th century is well recognised. Join us for a rollercoaster ride as we explore the work of these Scottish artists to discover what they can offer our work.

Session 1 OnLine Launches Monday 8 January

Session 2 OnLine Launches Monday 5 February

Session 3 OnLine Launches Monday 4 March

Session 4 OnLine Launches Monday 1 April


Summer Term – ONLINE
May to August 2024

Summer Term – John Constable and the Romantic Movement

Traditional, figurative and monumental landscapes no doubt comes to mind when the likes of Constable, Turner, Bonington, Cox and Cotman are considered. Although significantly their genre, a wide range of other art topics featured within their work. Alongside their techniques towards landscape paintings and the study of skies, it will also be interesting to look at their approach to other subjects, such as still life or flower painting. As many have through the years, there is much to appreciate individually with these artists and collectively under the banner of the Romantic Movement.

Session 1 OnLine Launches Monday 6 May

Session 2 OnLine Launches Monday 3 June

Session 3 OnLine Launches Monday 1 July

Session 4 OnLine Launches Monday 29 July


Autumn Term ONLINE
September to December 2024

Autumn Term – Laura Knight and the Newlyn School

For this term, we have a location at the other end of the country. The Newlyn School of artists, comparable to the Barbizon School in France, conjures up well known artists such Lamorna Birch, Elizabeth and Stanhope Forbes, Frank Bramley, Alfred Munnings and Walter Langley. This Cornish seaside town crucially near Penzance, was a magnet especially for capturing everyday life in that place. Together their range of work was extensive, with colour and light being intrinsic in what they produced. Our work this term will no doubt include figures and their setting along with the landscape and coastal scenery and not only in Cornwall. This too promises to be another fascinating period to study and work from. 

Session 1 Launches OnLine Monday 2 September

Session 2 Launches OnLine Monday 7 October

Session 3 Launches OnLine Monday 4 November

Session 4 Launches OnLine Monday 2 December