Finding the Landscape.

Patchings Summer Term 2021 Oil and Watercolour Courses
Summer Term 2021

Thank you for your interest in our Summer Term’s course for oil and watercolour painters and welcome.
We have introduced the course in a slightly different way through the video link below – one of the methods we intend to use more prominently during the term as we seek to bring the landscape to you – wherever you are.

The course this term works differently, as both the oil and watercolour students join together with Liz and Chas along with Gary for a joint introduction to the subject for each of the four sessions.  At these different locations of rural Nottinghamshire, we will explore the choices available to us as painters, before splitting up into our oil and watercolour group for information on the painting process.  The details of each location will be provided, an option should you to decide to visit. All this will be available from the Term’s website, along with text, video broadcasts, downloadable stills and images. Links for email and  Zoom sessions are included to enable the  usual personal feedback, an important element of the course. As usual each of the four sessions will conclude with an online exhibition of your work and video review – we may even let you see the other groups work!

This term, we are able to realise an ambition of ours, by arranging an exhibition in the galleries at Patchings for any who would like to submit a piece of work. This exhibition is planned for December and will also be shown from the Patchings website. 

The single term registration is £55 for the Summer Term 2021.

Select Oil Painting or Watercolour from the products below to join the relevant course. 



Session 1 will be released on Monday 3 May, work to be finished and uploaded for gallery and review preparation by Monday 31 May

Session 2 will be released on Monday 7 June, work to be finished and uploaded for gallery and review preparation by Monday 28 June

Session 3 will be released on Monday 5 July, work to be finished and uploaded for gallery and review preparation by Monday 26 July

Session 4 will be released on Monday 2 August, work to be finished and uploaded for gallery and review preparation by Monday 30 August

A form will be available on the Course Home Page where you can ask the Tutor or easily send your picture for review.
The course includes an online tuition Video Review as a class collective and support between sessions if required.

Online Art School Gallery and Review dates –
Session 1 : Onwards from Monday 7 June
Session 2 : Onwards from Monday 5 July
Session 3 : Onwards from Monday 2 August
Session 4 : Onwards from Monday 6 September

Please note that all paintings will be identified using first names only.

This administration may sound very official, but the important aim is that you enjoy your art in the company of fellow painters, as we share  our work, learning from each other.

Once you have purchased this course you will be able to access the content via the relevant link on the Art School Home Page. You will be asked to Log In, which will give you access to this course. Each session of the course will be launched and available from the dates listed above.

Oil Painting with Liz Wood.


Watercolour Painting with Chas.