Patchings Autumn Term 2021 Oil and Watercolour Courses
Autumn Term 2021




Did you know that most – if not all – revered and respected artists as part of their career explored and tried their hand at all the main fine art genres. Even those well known for a particular subject or range of paintings will have undoubtedly worked at other genre.
Take Monet for instance or Picasso, further back Constable and we could go on . . . but all undertook the study of subjects beyond which they were known.

This term we do just that as we look at four entirely different subjects. In doing so we extend your options further by providing a huge choice from which to make your selection – an approach which has been applauded during the last term, and we feel is helpful in extending the learning and sharing process. Following last term our presentation will include a range of still images accompanied by video that adds importantly to the atmosphere and the information. 

Another noticeable aspect attached to well known artists is their work in other medium, not just the one they are best known. Some of Constable’s watercolours are exquisite, equally Monet’s pastels and we know of Turner’s work both in oil and watercolour. Our plan this term is to encourage some cross over between mediums as we look at techniques used by the opposition that might be helpful!

In all seriousness our artists’ paints originate from the same pigments, it is the additives that make the differences. In broad terms we aim to consider how some techniques and processes might be administered to assist each other.



September – Floral Subject – Session/Class 1 Launch Monday 6 September.

October  – Landscape Scene – Session/Class 2 Launch Monday 4 October

November –  Seascape Scene – Session/Class 3 Launch Monday 1 November

December – Still Life Arrangement  – Session/Class 4 Launch Monday 6 December

A form will be available on the Course Home Page where you can ask the Tutor or easily send your picture for review.
The course includes an online tuition Video Review as a class collective and support between sessions if required.

Please note that all paintings will be identified using first names only.

This administration may sound very official, but the important aim is that you enjoy your art in the company of fellow painters, as we share  our work, learning from each other.

Once you have purchased this course you will be able to access the content via the relevant link on the Art School Home Page. You will be asked to Log In, which will give you access to this course. Each session of the course will be launched and available from the dates listed above.

Alongside both classes, we will be introducing elements of the drawing side that will be usefully introduced as we consider the different subjects.

As always with our teaching – collective feedback is important. Something that will be an integral part of the sessions online.

The single term registration is £55 for the Autumn Term 2021.


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Oil Painting with Liz Wood.


Watercolour with Chas.