Care of brushes when painting with oil paint, also good for general brush cleaning

The key is not to procrastinate – your brushes will probably stay useable for a day but no longer.

To clean – first wipe with a cloth or tissue, then dip in a low odour thinner (will work even if already used after a painting session) It’s good to keep all left-overs in a jar which can be used repeatedly – decant when really murky. Then wipe well with an old cloth and finally, soap and water (Fairy Liquid is good).

Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutant can also be used as an environment friendly alternative – using the same method which can also be saved and reused.

A secret weapon to use if you have procrastinated and your brushes have gone hard ‘Murphy Pure vegetable oil soap’ – primarily for wood but works wonders!

NB   Never put brushes away wet – shape them and leave to dry standing in a pot.

Liz Wood